Founder Trustee

Mr. MP.Palanisami the chief functionary of CANDLE NGO was born in a Tribal community in a poor family. He was the first school studied student in his community.  His  Father and mother was illiterates.
A Christian pastor in PudukkottaiMr.Danapalan and his wife Mrs.Daisy took him and help to study up to 10th standard in English medium with their two sons Mr.Rajadurai and Mr.Kennedy who is  doing social  services.

He thought  what is the use of his education without the other’s  children and parents education and development. So he was organized a evening educational coaching centres for the poor children. This has helped to enroll the children into schools and prevent the school drop outs. Now number of children studying in schools.

He worked in a NGO in Pudukottai District as a Coordinator in the initial stage. During that period he  underwent trainings on Women’s empowerment, Income generation activities, Sustainable agriculture, and alternative livelihood for the poor households, Children’s educational rights, Herbal medicinal plants, Women Health, STD, HIV/AIDS preventional education, Care and support of PLHAs and  family counseling.

He had attended the HIV/AIDS International Conference- 5 days in 2004, in Chennai hosted by Dr. MGR Medical University, Tamilnadu Government Chennai. Heunderwent  training in reproductive and child health organized by TNVHA, Chennai in 2005.

Then he realized that it is a good to work as group with a organization so that the development is more possible. So he started a organization and named by  him  as CANDLE  (Community  Action,  Development,  Liberative  and Education)  because the name  the CANDLE  gives light to others with sacrify without any benefits. It was registered with Government on August 2003. Registered with Government Ministry of home affairs under FCRA to received foreign grants and registered under tax exemptions under section 80G and 12A(a).  

While he was working with the tribes for their development  he saw the hunger, Poverty and discriminations for Dalits and other poor people in different castes. This has made to work for the other people also. Now the CANDLE working and helping for the all needy people without any discrimination of caste, creed, color, religion. Education to children is the main objective of CANDLE .