Case Studies

  S/O. Sadayandy, F/O. M.Pandy  4th Standard Kamarajnagar  village  Pudukkottai District, Tamilnadu, India.

My Name is S.Mariappan. I am 44 years old. I belong to Scheduled tribe Athiyan community Nomadic Tribes.  My myself and my wife engaged doing begging with decorated bull and Begging with beating our  own body with whip (Whippers), Kudukuduppai karar (With a drum shapped like an hour glass with strings which produced a rattling sound when vigorously shaken) Street circus play in street. My family have been able to give up migrating to other district to do above activities. Due to this my son’s education is failed.  In this situation  CANDLE  NGO came to our Kamarajnagar village and start the evening education coaching centre.

I express gratitude to The CANDLE NGO for the wonderful opportunity to join my son in the evening education coaching centre. I am proud that my son has a well matured in education is our asset. Now my family not migrated to one place to another and residing in my original place and take care in my son’s education. Now my Son Mr.M.Pandy is studying in 5th standard in Government Panchayat union primary school at Rengammachathram Pudukkottai.  I have become as a instructor and role model to our other parents in this regard.